Indoor plants are in fact shade loving plants like Ferns which, in their natural habitat, grow in filtered light in the canopy of forests. Some require high light levels while others survive well in lesser light. 
As a rule most plants need good air circulation and drainage. For good results the main factors to consider are light, temperature, water and humidity.
In the home situation Indoor plants & Ferns will do well in well- lit areas such as a bright room with large windows, verandahs, breezeways, pergolas, conservatories and in a shady part in the garden.
Over-watering is the most common cause of plants dying so as a rule keep plants on the drier side.
Using a balanced liquid fertilizer, half strength on a fortnightly basis is beneficial to the plants. 
Common pests to watch out for are snails, slugs, caterpillars, mealy-bug and scale insects. The latter 2 are more difficult to treat so make sure plants are clean when you purchase them.