Cymbidium Orchids will grow well in good filtered light, (our shade-house has medium density shade- cloth), good air circulation and regular feeding. Some varieties respond to higher light while most just need good light. Growing plants too close to one another reduces their ability to perform well and could also spread diseases. Growing plants off the ground is preferable.

Watering varies according to mixes used and the seasons:

3-4 times a week in summer should be adequate, although in very high temperatures short bursts during the day help to cool the plants down. Plants must never dry out.

In winter once per week would suffice. As cymbidiums are heavy feeders using a liquid fertilizer weekly is beneficial.

Using a fungicide one per month will help keep your plants clean. We alternate between Bravo and Rovral. The use of a Miticide may be necessary if red-spider mite becomes a problem. We use a product called Vertimec, Albamectin being the active constituent. If you have only a few plants an easy way to remove them is to hose under the leaves with water 3-4 times a day.

A tip to get a better flowering is to cool your plants down in the months of Nov, Dec by watering your plants at night. This also helps to control Red Spider Mite. Cymbidiums need cool nights of 16o or less during that period to initiate spikes. If you have an automatic watering system you could activate it to turn on every day for 2 minutes at about 1am. Another way to cool the plants is to add ice to the water.

Keep an eye out for pests such as slugs, rats and mice & possums as they will destroy your flowers. Scale insects can also be a difficult pest to treat, so start with clean plants.